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With 50 years of experience, Kirsch AG is one of Germany’s leading apparatus and container manufacturers.

In recent decades the company directed its focus to custom and increasingly complex speciality apparatuses made from high-quality materials and special materials. Today, special apparatus construction is the bulk of our production.

Continuity and dependability shape our business. The high level of appreciation for quality of our company as well as each of our employees forms the basis of our customer relations.

With about 100 highly qualified, long time employees, we ensure reliable project management, precise manufacturing, flexibility and timely availability whilst satisfying the maximum quality requirements. Our high quality standard is also evident in our certifications and international approvals, such as:

●  AD 2000 

   EN 13445

   reliable project management
   TÜV-HPO (pressure vessel construction)

   DIN EN ISO 3834-2 (welding quality assurance)
   DIN EN ISO 9001

   EN 1090-1/2 (EXC3)

   ASME VIII, Division 1 U1 Stamp and U2 Stamp (U.S. standard)

   Manufacturer Licence A1 and A2 (China)

Kirsch AG is a supplier for top class steel, stainless steel and speciality material apparatuses used around the world and locally.

Our experience is particularly great in all nickel-base alloys such as Hastelloy, alloy, Inconel and Incolloy. But our everyday business also includes machining duplex steels as well as super duplex. We handle up to 80 t apparatus weights.

The manufacturing range is diversified, starting with classic container and apparatus construction, oftentimes including complex mechanical machining all the way to mechanical engineering. Constructional parts and machine construction components such as pump housings, filters, dryers, centrifuges, mixers, kneading machines, presses and vacuum chambers are also part of our manufacturing range.

Our product range further includes: pressure apparatuses, pressure vessels, stirrer containers, columns, tube bundle heat exchangers, U-tubular heat exchanger, safety heat exchangers, reactors, high pressure reactors, high pressure apparatuses, pharmaceutical apparatuses, high temperature containers and separators.


Range of services

Pressure vessels

Storage vessels

Distillation columns

Heat exchangers

Safety heat exchangers

Welding constructions / Mechanical Engineering